the art of telling stories

From the beginning, we have been on a journey of discovering the art of learning and sharing company and candidate stories and matching them to each other based on shared traits.



Every company has a unique story and culture. This is why we developed our unique and proprietary approach to recruitment, The Kellow ApproachTM.  We spend significant time with you to get a full picture of your industry, company, team(s) and your culture so we can strategically and efficiently attract the candidates we want.


Looking for new opportunities can be hard, stressful and take a toll on you. Every member on our team has gone through the job seeking process and understands the ups and downs that come with it, which is why we make every effort to provide the very best service possible. Our approach means we don’t treat you like a number; we get to know you and act as an advocate for you by matching you with a company where you’ll potentially thrive at. To learn more please click here.

Sectors We Serve

We designed our proprietary recruitment process, The Kellow ApproachTMto go deep into the engagement and understanding of our clients and candidates allowing for significantly better placement success rates as opposed to the industry. We have solid experience across several sectors, however, our team has built, and continues to build deep knowledge and expertise in the sectors below.

Roles Levels We Hire For


These are the decision makers who are involved in the overall strategy and direction of the company. Typically, this would be individuals who oversee operations of one or more business units and assign responsibilities to department heads. This also includes those who evaluate performance of the organization in terms of meeting objectives and determining where improvement can be implemented.

Mid-Level Leadership

These are department heads who, under senior level support, execute the vision of the company. They are deeply involved in the day-to-day operation of the business and have comprehensive knowledge of their specific responsibilities. They are responsible for and oversee all aspects of their department, particularly employees and operations.


This is one of the most important roles, as frontline managers/supervisors usually have a direct impact on the majority of staff. Working with senior management, they are closely involved in the day-to-day activities and ensure tasks are being completed. These leaders are critical in keeping to the company’s culture and cultivating great performance from non-managerial staff.


Non-managerial employees are typically responsible only for themselves and their work. They are placed into categories according to their job function e.g. administrative assistant or computer technician. They perform the day–to-day tasks assigned to them and are responsible to reporting their work to upper management.

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  • Had the opportunity to chat with and work with Dustin and his team, and the knowledge and opportunities they gave me were incredible. Has a very personal and friendly feel which made me feel like I'd known Dustin for years. Would refer Dustin and Durham Recruiting to anyone I know who is looking for work.

    Shaun Tran Avatar
    Shaun Tran

    Heather was really helpful and gave me great feedback on my resume. I didn't end up getting a job through her directly but was able to use the tips she gave me for interview practice and landed a job the week after we spoke. I highly recommend her!

    Skyler Moore Avatar
    Skyler Moore

    Not that I have a lot experience dealing with employment agencies but I must say, they are one of the top people in this industry. Professional, responsive and most importantly, they have a heart. Carly keep up the good work and hope to hear from you soon!

    Park Park Avatar
    Park Park
  • I recently went through the recruiting process with Dustin and found him a pleasure to deal with. He explained each step of the process and knew the company very well and had some great insight on the company culture, role and what I could expect.

    Craig Wallace Avatar
    Craig Wallace

    It was absolute pleasure working with Heather. Her knowledge of the job and open communication with hectic schedules was a breath of fresh air. I find personal communication in any service is lacking these days, but not dealing with Heather. She was always available to chat, answer questions and was a delight to just talk to. Thanks again Heather????

    Patrick Haley Avatar
    Patrick Haley

    I got the opportunity to speak with Deb on phone and we had a really nice conversation. She asked me about my past experiences in length and made appropriate notes. She even discussed about my volunteer role which is very uncommon for a technical role, which helped me tell more about my personality. Overall it was great experience.

    Harmanvir Singh Avatar
    Harmanvir Singh
  • Huge thank you to Heather at Durham recruiting it was a great experience having you work with me to get an amazing permanent position. Very easygoing and welcoming. Found me a perfect match and I could not be happier moving forward from here. Keep up the great work ! You're a rockstar !!!

    Hunter Stone Parent Avatar
    Hunter Stone Parent

    My experience with Durham Recruiting was in itself amazing. Everyone tried to help me in a timely manner and when we met face to face they acted like good friends (even offering refreshments, not that some friends even do that haha). They handled themselves great and they put you above everything else. I would recommend them over anyone else. 10 / 10

    Ken Tschetter Avatar
    Ken Tschetter

    Highly recommend Duram Recruiting from my experience with them. My experience was extremely timely and on my side regarding fitting me into the right project. They heard my voice, and made me feel human which as most people know, is rare to find in a company in any industry these days. I can only hope everyone experiences the same.

    Jay Kay Avatar
    Jay Kay
  • Heather was a pleasure to work with throughout the recruitment process and provided excellent advice and help on all levels. She was great in keeping in touch with updates and always made herself available. I highly recommend Durham Recruiting, Heather and Diane were amazing and would definitely recommend their service.

    catherine llamas Avatar
    catherine llamas

    Working with Heather Lakeman from Durham Recruiting was excellent!She made the hiring process a pleasurable experience. Heathers knowledge and personality made me feel at ease every step of the way. I felt as if we had known each other for years.Thank you Heather!

    Stella Dixon Avatar
    Stella Dixon

    After taking some time off to raise my kids, I went to Heather to help me refine my resume and interview techniques. I have never met such a wonderful professional individual. She made me feel so comfortable and I felt so confident on my prospects for the future. Highly recommend.

    Rose Miller Avatar
    Rose Miller
  • I've known Dustin for many years and he and Diane were fantastic when I started my search for a new job. They made sure we were always on the same page and worked diligently to help me find a position that I would enjoy. I can't thank them enough for their efforts on my behalf!

    Linda Miedema Avatar
    Linda Miedema

    I met with Danielle Sciara. She helped me find a job that matched my skill set well. She assisted in following up post-interview. She was friendly, professional and provided timely responses to my inquiries. I would recommend Danielle and Durham Recruiting and would not hesitate to use them again if the need arose. A very positive experience overall. S.C.

    Brooke Kennedy Avatar
    Brooke Kennedy

    Heather has been very supported! She listened to your story and strengths, and helped you come out an attracting/powerful resume. Not only giving professional feedback, Heather also pointed out potential resources which may be available for me. I was lucky to meet her. Super recommend!!

    I-CHIEH HUANG Avatar
  • Totally awesome!I applied online through indeed, and was contacted by Chris of DR, he helped me find a great job and made sure I had all the support needed to do so, it was really easy talking with Chris and he was really easy to get a hold. Best Agency in the Durham Region.

    caleb james Avatar
    caleb james

    This was my first time working with a recruitment agency and it was amazing!!! I had my interview with Rachel and she was so friendly and knowledgeable. She made me feel so comfortable when speaking with her and made the entire process so easy. I would definitely recommend Rachel and Durham Recruiting.

    Simone Terniel Avatar
    Simone Terniel

    I met with Dustin at Durham Recruiting. It was easy and very comfortable.It was like chatting with a family member across the kitchen table. That said, Durham Recruiting are very professional and worked very hard to find me the perfect position. I would recommend them to anyone. Kevin Booth

    Kevin Booth Avatar
    Kevin Booth


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