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Why Come to Us?

We know searching for work or finding a job that truly inspires you can be extremely tough on many levels. Durham Recruiting understands this and that is why we take many steps to help ensure we match you with a company and role you will thrive in.

We do this by going well beyond your resume and get to know you, the real you! Let’s face it, there is more to you than a crammed resume that focuses on education and work history and while important, it doesn’t properly provide a prospective business a full picture of who you are. We actively get to know things like what inspires you, your passions, motivations, values, activities you have been involved in both past and present, and most importantly, what you want to do.

Sharing your story significantly increases our ability to advocate to businesses why we feel you would be a perfect match for them.

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How It Works

The Typical Interview Process

Our goal is to provide every candidate the same experience of respect and dignity regardless of the position or industry you are interested in. We take our role in partnering with you very seriously which is why we go through a very rigorous process to better understand your unique story.

In short, it is designed for YOU to better understand what makes you tick so that our team can best represent you to employers who we feel are a great match. 

Sectors We Serve

We designed our proprietary recruitment process, The Kellow ApproachTM, to go deep into the engagement and understanding of our clients and candidates allowing for significantly better placement success rates versus the industry. We have solid experience across several sectors, however, our team has built and continues to build deep knowledge and expertise in the sectors below.

Roles Levels We Hire For


These are the decision makers who are involved in the overall strategy and direction of the company. Typically, these are individuals who oversee operations of one or more business units and assign responsibilities to department heads. This also includes those who evaluate performance of the organization in terms of meeting objectives and determining where improvement can be implemented.

Mid-Level Leadership

These are department heads who, under senior level support, execute the vision of the company. They are deeply involved in the day-to-day operation of the business and have comprehensive knowledge of their specific responsibilities. They are responsible for and oversee all aspects of their department, particularly employees and operations.


This is one of the most important roles, as frontline managers/supervisors usually have a direct impact on the majority of staff. Working with senior management, they are closely involved in the day-to-day activities and ensure tasks are being completed. These leaders are critical in keeping to the company’s culture and cultivating great performance from non-managerial staff.


Non-managerial employees are typically responsible only for themselves and their work. They are placed into categories according to their job function e.g. administrative assistant or computer technician. They perform the day–to-day tasks assigned to them and are responsible to reporting their work to upper management.

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