Our Approach

At Durham Recruiting we are consistently partnering with companies who seek top performing accounting and financial-related staff. We understand attracting and persuading top talent from working in Toronto can be challenging for companies and is why we have mastered the art of sharing company stories and bringing forward the true costs of commuting (to find out what your commute is costing click on this link to help keep talent local.

Matching skills and personalities to such roles as Accounting Clerk, Payable & Receivables, Bookkeeping, Accounting Manager and Controllers is what we do weekly. From manufacturing and logistics, to construction or service-based industries (and so many more), we understand the unique ‘must-haves’ for each hire in the accounting department; whether it be the software, working with unions, or being the ‘one-stop-shop’ for some facilities. As with all our industries, we focus on finding people from a similar industry.

By using The Kellow ApproachTM we work to understand what a company is producing or selling, what the key performance indicators for the position are, what the company expects from a new hire, and then find the right person who will best represent that company and produce great results.

we will save you time and money

1. Our Guarantee: We stand behind every candidate we present and place. If the candidate doesn’t mesh with your team, we will prioritize finding you a replacement

2. Dedicated Staff: Our recruiting staff are trained and experienced in the sectors they service

3. Personalized Approach: We understand every company is unique, we offer a tailored and personalized approach guaranteed

4. Network: We have invested significant resources in developing the largest network of active and passive candidates for our partners to resource

5. Marketing: Our expansive communications strategy attracts talent through multiple channels

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Our team are experts in the art of storytelling. No matter who you talk to, 
we will all be on hand to help you in any way we can, all you have to do is ask.
When you work with us you get to work with an incredible team.