Our Approach

Durham Recruiting knows that office managers and administrative support personnel are indispensable to the smooth running and productivity of any organization. They are the backbone of every company and not only are their skills important, but their character and culture fit are critical.

We seek out qualified individuals who possess the unique talents required to fill these vital roles from a similar industry background. We appreciate that the administrative role may seem like the ‘easiest’ to fill, however, given the multiple requirements and touchpoints internally and externally they are exposed to day-to-day, this can be the most challenging for companies.

Finding the right ‘fit’ of candidate for the office, the culture and communication skills takes a lot of hours. We fill an administrative-based role every week; we are Durham’s specialists when it comes to support roles! We take pride in knowing we have said 300+ ‘no’s in a single posting to unqualified candidates so that you can say ‘yes’ to the right one.

By using The Kellow ApproachTM we work to understand what a company is producing or selling, what the key performance indicators for the position are, what the company expects from a new hire, and then find the right person who will best represent that company and produce great results.

we will save you time and money

1. Our Guarantee: We stand behind every candidate we present and place. If you the candidate doesn’t mesh with your team, we will prioritize finding you a replacement

2. Dedicated Staff: Our recruiting staff are trained and experienced in the sectors they service

3. Personalized Approach: We understand every company is unique, we offer a tailored and personalized approach guaranteed

4. Network: We have invested significant resources in developing the largest network of active and passive candidates for our partners to resource

5. Marketing: We apply an expansive communications strategy to attract talent through multiple channels

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