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Why work with us?

We designed our entire approach to be about YOU and the unique needs of YOUR business. In fact, our guiding principle is as follows:

“Our bottom line is important, however, our client’s ROI is most important”.

Before we opened our doors in 2017, we conducted a significant amount of research with businesses obtaining crucial feedback on their ideal partner. We listened and developed our offering to focus on exceptional service and our proprietary recruitment process, The Kellow ApproachTMto provide the very best candidates.

We guarantee ALL our candidates and never send anyone who is not a 10 out of 10 for your business. By mastering the art of telling stories, we’ve become experts in how to share your story in a compelling way to attract the talent we want. Furthermore, it allows us to be strategic in leveraging the right mechanics to find them within our vast network system.

The Kellow ApproachTM: How It Works

The two critical steps in our process that shape our recruitment strategy for your company are the first two: Explore & Source.

We conduct comprehensive research to learn about you

  • Unfortunately, most staffing agencies meet with companies initially to focus on the position they will recruit for however, they are missing critical information about the business
  • Our philosophy is preparation by thoroughly researching your industry, company, team dynamic(s) and how each department and the roles within work together
  • We meet with you and your team in-person (more than once) to gain a deep understanding of your business from A-Z including your culture and operations  our exploration goes far beyond the job description
  • You get a partner who will actively LISTEN and ENGAGE with your team to gain a fuller understanding of your needs and strategically plan accordingly to source the talent you want

We develop a tailored strategy to attract the candidates we want

  • You benefit from our deep understanding of your business, culture, operations and specific role(s), allowing us to develop our recruitment strategy i.e. profile the target, what will resonate, where to find them
  • We have mastered the art of messaging and with the detailed data we craft specific messages that tell YOUR story. Each recruit is tailored and modified by channel to reach our target candidate(s)
  • You get access to the largest, most invested-in local network to source talent. I
  • n addition to job boards (which we have a priority membership), we extensively utilize the following channels to engage with prospective talent: 
    LinkedIn, Social Media, Open Houses, Networking, Database, Industry Partnerships and Referrals
  • Fact: Nearly 1 in 3 candidates we place are from referrals within our network

We have developed the industry's gold standard in interviewing

  • We follow our proven recruitment process for every role
  • We receive applicants from numerous sources. Our team is trained to review ALL applications thoroughly and filter out 90-95% 
  • Our interview process follows our V.I.P. approach (Vitals, Inventory, Personality) to develop a comprehensive profile of each candidate:
    – Our team conducts a 30-60-minute widespread phone interview
    – All shortlisted applicants are provided the best-in-class assessments to help shape their profile (cognitive + personality)
    – CRUCIAL STEP: We end with a thorough in-person interview. We do NOT follow a typical linear style rather, due to understanding your needs, we probe the interviewee to flush out key information, without leading them, to better assess their overall fit

You get fully vetted candidates complete with an all-inclusive profile

  • You’re busy and have invested in our partnership to match you with the ‘right’ candidate. We take this extremely seriously and always have an eye on your ROI
  • We review all our collected information: meeting notes, interview notes, assessments & spidey senses and match accordingly
  • You will receive a profile of each candidate that provides a full picture of who they are both professionally and personally so when you meet them, you feel like you already know them

Once a candidate is placed, our engagement doesn’t end there

  • Our team stays actively involved with you and the candidate to check in and help address any questions should they arise
  • We know most of our candidates personally! Additionally, we provide our expertise on retention strategies such as onboarding, mentorship programs, rewards systems, training, work-life balance and fostering teamwork
  • We act as your advocate and support you and the candidates for the first few months

Types of roles We Hire For

Permanent positions

Take advantage of our unique tailored process to recruitment that has successfully placed candidates in multiple industries at all levels of seniority. We have significantly invested in developing one of the largest networks of active and passive candidates in the GTA east. We love challenges and have experience at filling those rare and difficult positions that many struggle with.

Temp-to-Hire ProgramTM

This is a new market innovation unique to Durham Recruiting that has disrupted the manufacturing and industrial industries. In short, it combines the flexibility of temporary and the rigour of permanent recruitment to address the #1 challenge – frontline staff who are fully vetted. This program costs the same as a typical 3-month temporary cycle but you get 120 days to assess your candidate risk free.


While our goal is to fill full-time positions, we completely understand that sometimes there is a business need for temporary support. You get fully vetted candidates who have the strong potential to make an immediate and direct impact on your team and bottom line. Durham Recruiting provides our clients with a flexible workforce which has been rigorously screened, interviewed and pre-qualified for a number of front-line roles. 

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Our team are experts in the art of storytelling. No matter who you talk to, 
we will all be on hand to help you in any way we can, all you have to do is ask.
When you work with us you get to work with an incredible team.